Ways to rejuvenate the face at home

Every woman wants to always stay young and beautiful. But with time, youth passes, the first signs of aging appear, followed by deeper wrinkles. The beauty industry offers a huge amount of skin care products, beauty procedures and skin care vitamins. However, in search of natural, effective and cheap lifting products, we turn to folk recipes and methods of self-rejuvenation of the face.

Causes of wrinkles

It is impossible to completely solve the problem of the appearance of wrinkles, but it is possible to delay the aging of the skin. And that is much easier than smoothing out wrinkles that have already appeared. Wrinkles and their early appearance are not only a cosmetic defect, but also an indicator of problems in the body. It is important to approach their prevention and elimination in a comprehensive way, because the causes of aging do not always lie in the characteristics of the skin. The following factors can cause wrinkles and premature aging of the skin:

  • overweight and sudden weight loss: under the pressure of excess fat, the skin sags, facial muscles weaken, and with sudden weight loss, the oval of the face does not have time to tighten in accordance with the new shapes;
  • bad habits: alcohol and smoking lead to dehydration of the skin and inhibit metabolic processes, while the elasticity of the skin weakens, the complexion worsens;
  • unhealthy lifestyle: unbalanced diet, stress, lack of physical activity and proper rest exhaust the body, which cannot but affect the condition of the skin;
  • use of low-quality cosmetics: cosmetics may contain synthetic low-quality or critical components that will not benefit your face;
  • unfavorable ecology: the skin absorbs harmful substances contained in the air, is exposed to an aggressive environment (frost and sunlight), and as a result is dehydrated;
  • health problems: wrinkles can only be a symptom of a more serious disease and hormonal disorders;
  • genetic predisposition: to know what awaits you in the future, take a closer look at the faces of your older relatives;
  • facial structure: malocclusion, weak chin can cause wrinkles.

Characteristics of lifting care

A complex of anti-aging procedures cannot be shared by all members of the fairer sex. Cosmetic care depends on the specific age, skin type and type of wrinkles you have to deal with. There are two main types of wrinkles:

  • mimic (or dynamic) - first appear in our life; each person has his own way of expressing emotions on his face, and wrinkles on the face appear in areas of active contraction of facial muscles;
  • static (age-related, gravitational) - a person encounters them already in adulthood; such wrinkles appear regardless of the characteristics of the facial expression: the skin ages, collagen production decreases, elasticity is lost, the oval decreases. Under the influence of gravity, flabby skin tends to fall and facial ptosis occurs.

The first wrinkles caused by active facial expressions or insufficient care can appear already after 25 years.

Ways to solve wrinkles depending on age

Throughout life, our face goes through a series of changes, which is why wrinkles of different depths appear on it:

  1. First, we are faced with surface wrinkles - a thin network that has affected the upper layer of the skin. They appear at the age of 25-30, so prevention should be started as soon as possible. At this moment, it is important to provide the skin with sufficient nutrition, avoid stress, bad habits and pay attention to sleep and wakefulness. You can remove the network of surface wrinkles by peeling, relaxing face massage and moisturizing cosmetics.

    Premature appearance of wrinkles should be feared primarily by owners of dry skin. Dehydration is one of the reasons for the appearance of the first wrinkles, which will be difficult to smooth out in the future. However, oily and normal skin also needs proper care, including thorough cleansing.

    rejuvenated facial skin

    Surface wrinkles occur not only as a result of active facial expressions, but also due to loss of skin moisture.

  2. Surface wrinkles can later develop into medium-deep ones, caused by a violation of collagen production, at the age of 40-55. During this period, the synthesis of collagen, the main substance responsible for skin elasticity, slows down. The skin begins to lose its elasticity. In this phase, it is important to combine a healthy lifestyle with careful care: clean the skin of the face, use moisturizing and lifting products. Getting rid of medium-deep wrinkles requires a serious integrated approach.
  3. how to remove wrinkles around the eyes
  4. In addition to the layers of the epidermis, subcutaneous fat also participates in the formation of deep wrinkles. The degree of manifestation of such wrinkles depends on the environment, care and genetic predisposition. Over time, the quality of the skin begins to deteriorate, and the oval begins to descend. Usually, these defects appear at the age of 55-65 years. Means designed to provide dehydrated skin with nutrients and collagen do not penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis, and therefore are not very effective. Therefore, it is worth adding massage, facial gymnastics and special devices for rejuvenation to all the procedures already applied. In the fight against deep wrinkles, hardware cosmetology and plastic surgery come to the rescue.
how to get rid of deep wrinkles on the face

For every age there is the most effective care. But when you cross a certain age limit, you should not abandon all previous cosmetic procedures - add new ones to them, and such an integrated approach will lead to a better result.

General recommendations for preserving youth

Over time, the skin fades, so our task is to delay the appearance of this unpleasant phenomenon. Recommendations for prolonging youth are similar to recommendations for maintaining health in general:

  • eat in moderation and balance;
  • play sports;
  • drink enough water (at least 1. 5 liters per day);
  • get enough sleep (sleep should last at least 6 hours);
  • Cut cigarettes and alcohol out of your life. The main recommendation for preserving youth at any age is maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
dumbbells and fruit for facial skin rejuvenation

To maintain glowing skin and a toned oval face, products and procedures for cleaning, nourishing, and tightening are needed.

In order to protect your face from the appearance of a second chin, take a comfortable orthopedic pillow for sleeping, do not read while lying down and pay attention to your posture. A low-tilted head causes the formation of a skin fold, which later turns into a cosmetic defect.

Anti-aging care at home

Home cosmetic procedures can include both the use of ready-made (purchased) products and a completely natural approach, with handmade creams and masks. One should not choose only one thing, categorically rejecting the other, because both of these directions are good in the struggle for young people. So, to help with home rejuvenation come:

  • store and handmade cosmetics: moisturizing, nourishing, lifting creams, scrubs, masks, tonics, selected according to your age and skin type; all this will support the freshness and elasticity of your face. Skin care cosmetics will help fight against the first wrinkles at the age of 25-30 and slow down the appearance of signs of aging after 40 and over;
  • Gymnastics and facial massage: improving circulation and strengthening facial muscles is an excellent prevention and way of removing wrinkles. At the age of 35, metabolic processes slow down and it is no longer enough to use creams on the upper layer of the skin. Gymnastics accelerates blood circulation, cells are saturated with oxygen, and wrinkles are smoothed from the inside;
  • hardware cosmetology: progress does not stand still, so you can carry out a professional cosmetic procedure yourself with the help of special devices. With age, even with careful care, the quality of the skin deteriorates, medium and deep wrinkles appear, and the face sags. The problem of aging after 45 years is solved either with salon injection procedures and plastic surgery, or with home cosmetic devices;
  • exotic method of rejuvenation: achatina snails. The slime of these molluscs contains a large amount of substances that restore and nourish the skin. With this procedure, surface wrinkles disappear, and deeper ones are smoothed. Snail therapy will be useful both in 30 years and in 50.

Homemade peeling and masks for wrinkles for 25-35 years old

Delicate facial skin needs to be maintained and nourished with vitamins, gently cleaned and moisturized. The stores offer a variety of scrubs, moisturizing and nourishing creams, masks, lotions, among which you can find suitable products according to skin type, age and taste preferences. However, to be completely sure of the composition of the product, it is much easier and cheaper to prepare it yourself. The first stage in cosmetic care is cleaning, which is carried out by exfoliation. By removing dead particles of the epidermis, we even out the skin tone and ensure better penetration of nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin. In addition, peeling allows you to get rid of surface wrinkles. The scrub has a creamy base with exfoliating particles. There are many variations of exfoliating formulations, and here are some of them:

  • Olive-oatmeal scrub for mixed skin type:
    • chop 1 tbsp. l. oatmeal in a blender or coffee grinder;
    • mix with 2 tbsp. l. olive oil;
    • add 3 drops of rose oil;
    • mix the ingredients until smooth. Crushed oatmeal gently cleans the skin, gives it elasticity, smoothes fine lines and fights inflammation, while rose oil eliminates age spots and tone.
    • oatmeal for skin rejuvenation
  • yogurt and coffee scrub for oily skin:
    • 1 tsp ground coffee mixed with 1 tbsp. l. low-fat yogurt;
    • add 3 drops of rosemary essential oil. Low-fat yogurt nourishes the skin and gives it a matte shine, coffee is a tonic, rosemary ether enhances circulation and stimulates cell renewal.
    • coffee scrub for skin rejuvenation
  • fruit scrub for dry skin:
    • grate a quarter of an apple;
    • mix the resulting mass with mashed potatoes from half a banana;
    • add 1 tbsp. l. crushed oatmeal;
    • pour 1 tbsp. l. low-fat kefir;
    • mix all the ingredients. The banana pulp will soften and nourish the skin, the apple will whiten the face and even out the color.
    • banana and apple for skin rejuvenation

For owners of normal and oily skin, such peeling is recommended 3 times a week, for girls with dry and sensitive skin, reduce the procedure to 1-2 times a week. You must first remove the make-up from your face. As for creams, you can enrich your favorite product from the store by adding 2-3 drops of essential oil. Lifting, smoothing, toning, softening oils are rosemary, sandalwood, geranium and lavender esters. They eliminate free radicals, smooth out fine lines, saturate the skin with nutrients. Special nourishing masks are also designed to maintain facial skin tone. They smooth out small wrinkles and even out the texture of the skin. Here are recipes for some masks:

  • gelatin lifting mask:
    • mix 3 tsp gelatin with a quarter cup of milk and let it swell;
    • put the obtained mixture in a water bath until it becomes a homogeneous viscous mass (but not boiled);
    • add 2 tbsp. l. liquid honey and 3 tsp. glycerin and mix well. Apply the cooled mixture with a brush on the face along the massage lines in several layers. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash off with damp cotton pads. Gelatin is the same collagen: it gives the skin softness, velvety and elasticity
    • gelatin for skin rejuvenation
  • algae mask:
    • 2 tbsp. l. pour over the seaweed powder with water (half a cup) and leave for half an hour;
    • add 1 spoon to the mixture. l. grated ginger, olive oil and milk;
    • bring the composition to homogeneity. Apply the mask for 20-25 minutes, then rinse with water. Seaweed mask has lymphatic drainage, anti-edematous and rejuvenating properties.
    • seaweed mask for skin rejuvenation
  • clay mask:
    • pour over a fresh cabbage leaf with 6 tbsp. l. hot heavy cream and leave for 8 minutes;
    • chop the leaf and mix with cream;
    • add 1 tbsp. l. honey and red clay;
    • bring the mixture to homogeneity. Apply the cooled composition to the skin and hold for 20 minutes, then rinse with water. The clay mask has a pronounced tightening effect and is suitable for people over 40 years old.
    • clay for skin rejuvenation

Masks must be applied to the entire face except for the area around the eyes and lips. Contraindication to the use of home cosmetics can be individual intolerance to the components that make up the composition.

Rejuvenation with Achatina snails at the age of 25-50 years

There is a rather exotic method of facial rejuvenation for the boldest and most outrageous - with the help of snail slime. During the procedure, Achatina snails are placed on the face, which, slowly moving along the skin, exfoliate, massage and leave traces of mucus. It is a secret secreted by molluscs that has the main function of rejuvenating. The slime of Achatina snails contains:

  • allantoin, which regenerates the skin and fights against radicals;
  • natural solar filter that protects against harmful UV radiation;
  • vitamins A, C, E that soften, hydrate and nourish the skin;
  • glycolic acid, which cleans dead cells;
  • natural elastin, which improves skin turgor;
  • natural collagen, which stimulates the synthesis of own collagen and increases skin elasticity.
snail massage for facial skin rejuvenation

In salons, the Achatin rejuvenation procedure is quite expensive. But snails can be bought and raised at home. They need an aquarium with a volume of at least 10 liters with soil at the bottom, which needs to be changed periodically. Young molluscs are fed 1-2 times a day, adults - several times a week. Snails feed on cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage leaves, apples.

Before the massage, the skin should be cleaned, then take a horizontal position and gently place the mollusks on the face. A massage session lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour. At the end of the procedure, the snail is returned to the aquarium, and the mucus is left on the face for another 15 minutes, and then it is washed off with water. After that, a moisturizing cream is applied. Contraindication for the procedure is individual intolerance to snail mucus (allergy). Snails easily deal with small wrinkles, smooth medium and deep ones and prevent the appearance of new cosmetic defects, so the procedure is useful for both young and mature women.

Do not confuse snail massage with hirudotherapy, which is also used in anti-aging cosmetology. Under no circumstances should you work with leeches yourself. This procedure should only be carried out by a qualified specialist.

Massage and gymnastics for wrinkles at 35-55 years old

Unfortunately, wrinkles affect not only the surface of the skin, but also deform the deeper layers of the dermis. Therefore, an effective fight against average wrinkles at the age of 35-50 is to act on the skin folds from the inside, because nutrients from masks and creams practically do not penetrate the skin. Massage and facial exercises improve blood circulation and accelerate metabolic processes in the epidermis. Thanks to this, the skin cells are saturated with oxygen, the facial muscles become toned, and the sagging of the oval disappears. General recommendations for gymnastics or facial massage:

  • first carefully study the technique of proper massage and facial massage lines to avoid unpleasant consequences;
  • the procedure must be performed using oil or cream (but not on dry skin);
  • classic massage begins with light stroking of the skin in the direction of the massage lines;
  • after "warming up" the face, you should switch to gentle pressure on the skin; you need to finish the procedure by tapping your fingertips on the face.
self-massage for facial skin rejuvenation

All massage movements should be neat and light so as not to injure the skin.

Before performing facial gymnastics, it is better to consult a beautician, because incompetent procedures can cause the appearance of new wrinkles on the face.

Hardware cosmetology at the age of 45-60

The most effective for medium and deep wrinkles is the use of special cosmetic devices. Their action also extends to the deep layers of the dermis, which gives a noticeable positive effect. The devices differ in the type of effect on the skin. Contraindications for the use of the device are skin inflammations and lesions, neoplasms in the affected area, blood clotting disorders, colds, sinus infections, infectious diseases, gold and platinum fittings, pregnancy.

Table: types of rejuvenation devices and their effects

Types of rejuvenation devices Action
LED Normalization of blood flow, production of natural collagen
It is powered by microcurrent Restoration of facial muscles
Galvanic Tightening of the epidermis
Laser Renewal of the surface layers of the epidermis, elimination of dead skin particles


Keeping the skin young and healthy is in the power of not only professional cosmetologists. With a careful attitude towards your body, proper nutrition and proper care, competently combining grandmother's recipes for natural remedies with new techniques, drugs and anti-aging devices, you will keep your face youthful and radiant for many years.